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  • Flight Delays

    You got to the airport only to discover that your flight’s been delayed. Maybe you’re even going to miss your connecting flight. Many of us have been in this situation, but did you know that you can sue the airline […]
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  • Flight Cancellation

    Did you know that Israeli law requires airlines or charter organizers to compensate passengers in the case of a cancelled flight? Know your rights in the event of a flight cancellation! Here is what you need to know about Israel’s […]
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  • Injuries

    Modern air travel is the safest form of transportation, but accidents and injuries do happen. For example, what if a suitcase falls from the overhead bin, injuring a passenger? Or if the flight attendant spills hot tea on a passenger? […]
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  • Overbooking

    You got to the airport on time, only to discover that your flight is overbooked and you’ve been “bumped”. Overbooking is a fact of life in the airline industry and it happens every day. Know your rights! Israel’s Aviation Services […]
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